Improve your practice of data science and level up your understanding of Transformer models!
And here's a smattering of really useful stuff from 2021 :)
Hello fellow datanistas! It’s another edition of the Data Science Programming Newsletter. This time round, I’ve found five wonderful articles and blog…
Hello, my fellow datanistas! School is back in season here in the Cambridge area, and the university campuses are bustling with students again. Time for…
Resources for newcomers to data science roles've got a smaller chance of getting your data science problems wrong.
Serendipity led me to them, now I'd like to share them!
a.k.a. the better-late-by-one-day-than-never April newsletter published in May
The Social Media Edition!
Packaging, MLOps and making fancy models
An issue about data checks and learning data science by programming
Hello fellow datanistas, First off, I wanted to wish you all a warm welcome to 2021. After everything that happened in 2020, I'm grateful we made it to…